Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Pierre Poilievre

There is nothing much I can add to the discussion around the "Fair" Elections Act that has not already been written. Andrew Coyne summed it up nicely in this piece titled "A normal government wouldn't ram through this elections bill".

What is truly amazing is Minister Poilievre's total disregard, even contempt, for all the criticism levelled against the bill by all kinds of experts: the current chief electoral officer, the former chief electoral officer, and Sheila Fraser, to name a few. And yet Poilievre refused to admit that any of these experts had points worth considering. As Coyne writes,"If this were a normal government it would not have as its minister for democratic reform, such a noxious partisan as Poilievre, whose contempt for Parliament and its traditions registers every time he rises to speak in it."

Fast forward to today's news. The Conservative Senators are asking for significant changes in the bill. Now that it is Conservatives asking for changes, suddenly Poilievre has changed his tune completely.

Wait for it.........."I have always been open to ways we can make a great bill even better."

God give me strength.

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