Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Infill Housing # 3

So, those lilacs? The ones in full bloom, at the right side of the property? The day after my last post, the new owners arrived on site and ordered their  removal. So, just like that, they were gone. I know; different strokes for different folks. Those lilacs were at the very edge of the property. If they wanted them, they could have been saved. However, most homebuilders don't appreciate the value of mature trees, which provide beauty, texture, oxygen, shade and privacy. Trees also take up space and these days it's all about maximizing the space.

Here's what the property looks like now, without the lilacs as a border. Thank goodness the one large mature tree at the back is staying.

So, I just couldn't stop myself from taking this next photo. When this truck showed up, about an hour after the lilac trees were ripped out, I thought it was pretty ironic. Green with envy indeed! Most of the greenery has been destroyed!

I can only assume that this company was there to give an estimate on planting small bushes, some new tiny trees and no doubt, a tall fence.

This latest shot shows the placement of stakes, outlining where the house will be situated on the lot. You can build within 1.2 meters of the side property line and that's where they all build - right to that limit.

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