Tuesday, 27 March 2018


Why have a blog if you are not going to write regularly? How busy can a retired person really be?
As usual, I had the very best of intentions. First I was going to write about the death of Rebecca Schofield, and the remarkable impact she had on so many people. What a wonderful legacy she has left - to inspire random acts of kindness.

Then I was going to write about our Caribbean cruise; not just about the food and the pleasure of swimming in the ocean, but about the astounding good nature of the crew who served us on board. If there was an Olympic event for cheerfulness, smiling and helpfulness, the hard-working Filipino and Indonesian staff members on that ship would win the gold medal for sure. They could teach us all a lesson in how to treat people.

However, I have no time or energy to write about anything these days. For the past three weeks I have been accompanying my family on the most difficult of journeys. We are getting closer to the end now. My dear father is dying and my heart is breaking a little more every day.

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