Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Ottawa Flypast

Take time to smell the roses...or watch the flypast

There are many perks to living in the nations' capital. Today's flypast was one of them. Canada's Snowbirds, along with France's aerobatic demonstration team, La Patrouille de France, flew together, in formation. It was one of the many events scheduled throughout this year, to marks Canada's sesquicentennial.There were nine Snowbird Tutor planes, eight French Alpha jets along with two photo chase planes. The event was delayed because of yesterday's rain. A crowd gathered at Parliament Hill. We didn't make it downtown but as often happens with Parliament Hill flypasts, the planes were visible in our neighbourhood as we are fairly close to the Ottawa River. The planes fly along the river, on their way to The Hill.

In the midst of a busy morning, with many indoor and outdoor jobs vying for my attention, it was fun to take a break and stand in the middle of Champlain Park with my ninety-two year old father and watch the planes fly overhead.

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