Monday, 4 January 2016

Christmas Visit

Well that's it! Christmas is officially over. Every year my parents give us a tin of Quality Street  chocolates. We all have our favourites. I have just eaten the very last blue (coconut) one, so that is the end of the season for me.

It has been wonderful to have a busy, full house. Brendan, who now lives in Nova Scotia, was home for ten days. Norah and her family were here for a week. With them camped out here, Aaron was also around a lot. Although we would love it, if our kids all lived in town, there is an intimacy to having them sleep over again, that I really enjoy. That wouldn't happen if they lived here.

They all left on Saturday morning. I always feel sad when I go upstairs and see the empty bedrooms.            

                                     And now for the cleanup. There are toys to put away.

                      It will be good to move more freely, with the baby gates down.

         Rooms will look bigger when the baby furniture gets stored in the basement.

      It will seem a little more civilized to have a dining room table without a pool             noodle on it. The noodle worked well, to keep Eliza from bonking her head.

                        We'll untie the shoelace that kept Eliza out of the junk drawer.

              All of these minor accommodations were a small price to pay for the many special moments that we enjoyed. Just spontaneous, small happenings - moments that money cannot buy.

      Like watching a little guy explore and enjoy the first real snowfall of the season.

Or a fifteen month old sharing a book with her ninety-year-old Great Grandma.

                                        And Avery singing Jingle Bells with his Grandpa.

Living with toddlers is totally exhausting but worth all the effort. Before we know it, they will be teenagers. We are savouring every moment with them now.

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