Sunday, 24 May 2015


How could I have neglected this space for so long? Blame it on May, my favourite month, with its gift of flowering trees, like these at Ottawa's Experimental Farm.

We've also had the pleasure and the total busyness of an extended visit with our grandchildren. They just left this morning so I'll put away the high chair, toys and the Raffi Christmas cd until the next visit. Our little guy loves Santa and Christmas songs.

When I watch the evening news I feel like I am living on a different planet. Here I am in Ottawa, Canada, a stable country, with fairly reasonable weather, while in so many parts of the globe, misery and catastrophes are rampant. While I stroll among the lilacs at the Experimental Farm or play with my grandchildren, thousands in Nepal are living outdoors, desperate for aid, as they await the start of monsoon season. The Nepal earthquakes have faded from the media but those people 's lives are still in turmoil.

 There are so many causes to support. It often feels overwhelming. However, if anyone reading this has thought about donating to the Nepal relief effort, now is the time. The Canadian government will match any donations made by Canadians by tomorrow, May 25th. For more information about the many charities working in Nepal have a look at this CBC piece where you can click on a charity to donate.


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