Tuesday, 9 September 2014

The Look of Love

What does love look like? I would like to offer my humble suggestion:

What, you might ask, does this used pasta container have to do with love? Well, it was a going away offering from my mother. It says a lot about her and the nature of love. For starters, love is about actions, not just words. When Brendan went to visit my parents, before we left for the east coast, my mom gave him that package, full of cookies. At 86, she is still baking and we sure were glad that she took the time and effort to bake for us. We happily munched on those gems as we drove on and on. 

The container is an example of Mom’s thriftiness. She is the original recycler, a common sense person who does not like to throw out anything that might be re-used. Her lessons on recycling and caring are remembered and practised by all of us in the family. Thanks Mom.

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