Friday, 24 May 2013

Lucky Me Part Two

It was, as usual, fun to spend time with our little Avery. After not seeing him for a month, we were surprised at the changes, mostly his ability to turn over. On Sunday morning the weather turned very chilly. We stood at the corner of Yonge and Bloor and watched thousands of runners go by in the Sporting Life 10K. In that size of crowd we were lucky to spot Sean and Brendan.

After the race we all went out for  a delicious brunch. Right there I would have said it was a very good day. However, it was only starting.

During the afternoon Norah asked if I was getting excited about my upcoming surprise outing. Again few details were released. No, I was not leaving her house that night. We made plans to order pizza around 5 pm so Brendan could have a bite to eat before taking the bus back to that we couldn't drive him back that night.

Around 4 pm Norah told me that my first surprise was going to happen in 10 minutes. She disappeared and then,  sure enough, I was soon ushered upstairs and told to take a bath! What a treat! Their bathroom is lovely...the tub is so long and comfortable. However, it wasn't just a bubble bath that awaited me. There were lit candles and magazines to read. Their Ipad was on the  vanity with 60's music setting the mood. Sean had mixed up a drink that sat on the edge of the tub.

Maybe a bubble bath sounds like a small thing but I loved it. Honestly I would have been satisfied if that alone was my present. It is such a treat to have someone do something that thoughtful for you. I sat there in that bubble bath with my drink and music, feeling very well loved.

Now while I was lying there, luxuriating in the hot bubbles, drinking my wine spritzer, I was aware that there was some scurrying going on. Very quietly there were movements, in the hallway, then on the stairs. If I was ambitious I could have speculated on what they were doing but I just relaxed. After all, there was nothing I could do...they were up to something and I might just as well go along with it. After all, this first surprise was lovely so I was off to a great start. And so, I lay there reading Real Simple.

Lying there in that bubble bath, I felt very well loved.

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