Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Really....a gold star?

Remember way back in grade school when teachers gave out stars for good work? Recently, while going through some of our "kids" childhood memory boxes, I came across our eldest son's collection of Stars of the Week, those weeks when he was chosen as the star of his class. Being a nostalgic fool, I put them back in the box...I cannot throw them out. I also still have my very  first piano books. When I had a half decent piano lesson, my teacher would paste a star on the piece I played best. It didn't happen often.

 Anyhow....I just had a message from CBC's hyperlocal, informing me that today, my grouchy neighbourhood piece has been chosen as an editors pick! So if you go to their site you will see my shiny gold star, hovering over my piece! It turns out that a star still has the power to make me feel good...who knew?

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